SFxT CEO 2012 Official Rules

Written by Alex Jebailey.


So many have been wondering what the Ruleset for SFxT is going to be and I've been thinking about it for a while as well as following the rest of the community and their event's decisions. I always thought the gem system had potential but from a logistics standpoint it can do nothing but more harm then good to a Tournament that wishes to run everything effeciently/on time and with the latest patch not exactly speeding the process up as well as EVO making their SFxT Rules Announcement this morning has made my decision easier. Also note that I took a Community Poll on Gems and Banning them won by a landslide So with that said:

GEMS will be banned from CEO 2012

Now as for the format of SFxT (On XBOX 360) at CEO:

I have already had registrations up for a few months now and plenty of you have signed up for SFxT which is listed as One vs One. So that is NOT going to change :). So you can still focus on 1v1 mode without Gems to practice up. (As soon as I found out updates about how seeding for SFxT may or may not work at EVO with this I will let everyone know via my

All Standard Fighting Game Rules will apply as well. Everything is 2/3 Double Elimination with Losers, Winners and Grand Finals being 3/5. Also the MLG Continuation Rule is BANNED From CEO. Characters on teams will not be locked either so you can switch throughout the tourney for 2v2. Also Since SFxT is on XBOX 360 at CEO 2012 and does not have the console exclusive Characters, the Sony Cats, Cole, MegaMan and Pac-Man are banned from the tournament

Now As a Bonus so that those who will also be attending EVO 2012 this year can also practice for the 2v2 mode there so there will also be an Official 2v2 Tag Mode Tournament on FRIDAY Night of CEO 2012 to start around 7 pm and kick off CEO 2012 Weekend. I will be creating a Google Doc for those to Pre Register their team name and team name (Won't have to pay for your team until Friday June 15th before it starts). It will be $20 per team of 2 players with the Final 4 Teams to complete on Friday Night or subject to Sunday right before SFxT 1v1. This is subject to change but plan to arrive Friday for CEO if you plan to join the SFxT 2v2 Mode. No other Capcom Fighters will be going on Friday Night so keep your team together, create a buddy system if need be such as connecting leashes or handcuffs. This is gonna be a crazy weekend for SFxT Fans and spectators to see.

If you have any questions please comment below and Don't forget to Register your badge for CEO 2012 here

TL:DR- Gems banned at CEO 2012 and there will be both a 2v2 and 1v1 Tournament for SFxT.

 Seeding Point explanation from EVO:

"UPDATE: We forgot to add the seeding rules for Evo points. As always, you are free to use whatever rule set works best for your tournament. If you are running a 1v1 tournament, award points to individuals as usual. If you are running a 2v2 tournament, each member of the placing teams will receive points independently (so 2 sets of 1st place points, 2 sets of 2nd place points, etc.) For seeding purposes at EVO, we will use the point total of the person who REGISTERS for their team. So if Justin Wong has 1,000,000 points and he registers his SFxT team, the team of Justin and whoever he picks will have 1,000,000 points. If Floe has 10 points and he registers his SFxT team, Floe’s team will be seeded with 10 points (even if he picks Justin Wong!)."

 Back to Jebailey speaking: At CEO 2012 Seeding points will ONLY be awarded to the 1v1 Tournament. Reason this is is because when registering for EVO the person that registers their team has their seeding points applied so whomever places in the seeding at CEO should register their team for EVO depending on whether or not their partner has accrued more points for SFxT over the season. EVO PitStop Bonus is still in affect for 1v1 at a TBD amount, this is subject to change but most likely won't.


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